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Raluka is one of the best voices in Romania. She entered the Romanian music industry in 2009, with the first single release with Dj Sava. "September".

Being a very active spirit, the singer has never given up her strongest passion - music. She participated in all sorts of competitions and festivals and continued to have numerous concerts and shows after hitting the mainstream.

Her single "September" was awarded "The Hit of The Year 2010". Her following collaboration with Dj Sava, "I like the trumpet" became a national and international number 1. Another remarkable release of her is "Ieri erai", which quickly took over the ROblock Trending tab for 2 weeks.

Concerte/Booking Raluka: [email protected] //
Club / Bal 0757 104 166
Aer liber / Mall 0725 561 054
Private / Corporate 0728 007 595
Management Raluka: [email protected]