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Carla's Dreams - Topic
Carla's Dreams - Topic

Carla’s Dreams is one of the most nonconformist projects in the music industry, with versatile songs, strong messages and diverse themes. They have millions of fans, dozens of hits, hundreds of millions of views and hundreds of concerts. The band offers its public, which they share a special connection with, a unique experience with every concert. Carla’s Dreams songs always become viral almost immediately and their fans can hear them all over radio and TV, where they stay on the first positions for weeks. After selling out 3 concerts at Arenele Romane, the band moved on to the next level: Romexpo - a bigger location, different concept, more led screens, special effects and a sound to match it all.

The song “Sub pielea mea #Eroina” became one of the most appreciated songs of Carla’s Dreams, conquering Ukraine, Russia and reaching #11 on Shazam worldwide, surpassing P!nk, Coldplay and Florence + The Machine.

Carla’s Dreams’ portfolio also includes “Nocturn”, a project that contains 6 short-histories, told by 6 characters in approximately 200 days. 13 songs were launched, among them ”Luna”, ”Dependent” with Deliric, ”Anxietate” with Antonia, together with a few testimonials and other materials.